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[Accept-2024.04][IJAT - Q4] (Dalho Shin et al.) Load factor characteristics of 200kW class excavators in real-work operation mode
[Accept-2024.05][IJAT - Q4] (Gwangryeol Lee et al.) Study on the necessity of real-world driving tests for passenger electric vehicles
[Accept-2024.06][RSI - Q4] (Mengzhao Chang et al. - Co-author) Flame synthesis of nanoparticles based on high flux electrostatic atomization burner
[Under review][Environmental Pollution - Q1](Dalho Shin et al.) Enhancing load factor and emission factor based on operational characteristics of construction machinery for accurate emission assessment in Korea
[-] (Quangkhai Pham et al.) Study on spray wall-impingement characteristics and its prediction using machine learning and response surface methodology for natural gas
  • 77
    Study on CO2 emission assessment of heavy-duty and ultra-heavy-duty vehicles using machine learning
    Seokho Moon, Jinhee Lee, Hyung Jun Kim, Jung Hwan Kim, Suhan Park
    International Journal of Automotive Technology2024 (June)
    • SCI

    • IF : 1.5 (2023)

    • JCR : 63.1 (2023)

  • 76
    Near-field spray atomization characteristics at the end of injection under flash-boiling and non-flash-boiling conditions
    Mengzhao Chang, Bo Zhou, Suhan Park
    Applied Thermal Engineering2024 (June)
    • SCI

    • IF : 6.4

    • JCR : 6.2

  • 75
    Energy consumption evaluation of passenger electric vehicle based on ambient temperature under real-world driving conditions
    Gwangryeol Lee, Jingeun Song, Yunsung Lim, Suhan Park
    Energy Conversion and Management2024 (April)
    • SCI

    • IF : 10.4

    • JCR : 1.8

  • 74
    Feasibility study on application of low-grade fuels (naphtha and ethanol) in blended-fuel- and convergence-combustion modes
    Seongin Jo, Dalho Shin, Hyung Jun Kim, Byungchul Choi, Suhan Park
    Fuel2024 (March)
    • SCI

    • IF : 7.4

    • JCR : 13.2

  • 73
    Study on energy consumption characteristics of passenger electric vehicle according to the regenerative braking stages during real-world driving conditions
    Gwangryeol Lee, Jingeun Song, Jungwon Han, Yunsung Lim, Suhan Park*
    Energy2023 (November)
    • SCI

    • IF : 9.0

    • JCR : 4.0

  • 72
    Numerical study on effect of injector angle and intake manifold with entry angle on mixing enhancement in a port-injected fuel-fuel engine
    Quangkhai Pham, Huijun Kim, Byungchul Choi, Suhan Park*
    Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology2023 (September)
    • SCI

    • IF : 1.6

    • JCR : 75.2

  • 71
    Study on predictions of spray target position of gasoline direct injection injectors with multi-hole using physical model and machine learning
    Mengzhao Chang, Minuk Jeong, Sungwook Park, Hyung Ik Kim, Jeong Hwan Park, Suhan Park*
    Fuel Processing Technology2023 (July)
    • SCI

    • IF : 8.129

    • JCR : 9.03

  • 70
    Effects of cavitation and low-pressure zone on spray targeting of multi-hole gasoline direct injection injector
    Huijun Kim, Sungwook Park, Suhan Park*
    Fuel2023 (May)
    • SCI

    • IF : 8.035

    • JCR : 13.03

  • 69
    (국제공동) Spray collapse resistance of GDI injectors with different hole structures under flash boiling conditions
    Mengzhao Chang, Huijun Kim, Bo Zhou, Suhan Park*
    Energy2023 (April)
    • SCI

    • IF : 8.857

    • JCR : 3.97

  • 68
    Application of physical model test-based long short-term memory algorithm as a virtual sensor for nitrogen oxide prediction in diesel engine
    Dalho Shin, Seongin Jo, Hyung Jun Kim, Suhan Park*
    International Journal of Automotive Technology2023 (April)
    • SCI

    • IF : 1.269

    • JCR : 80.37